Review: Disney’s Pandora World of Avatar 

To preface, Animal Kingdom is my favorite park. I’ve been once a year for the last three years, and for the past two years Animal Kingdom has been covered with “magic is happening!” work zones. With the new night show stadium and the world of Pandora, lots of work has been in progress. Even with all of that work going on, our past two trips to Animal Kingdom were great. I’ve been excited to go this week and see all of the improvements and to finally see Animal Kingdom at night. We didn’t have a fastpass for the Rivers of Light show, and after reading other blog posts about the standby line, we decided to skip it. Instead we made sure to check out Pandora at night. 

Ryan and I have spent alot of time talking about what we thought, and I think we both realize that Disney made Pandora, not Avatar Land. You will only see one Navi character on the Navi River Journey and one in the gift shop. We did not have fastpasses for the flight of passage ride, so we decided not to wait in the line as standby was 195 minutes. It probably has more of the Navi. I guess we expected more, maybe some walking around outside or something. The mountains and plants are incredible and fun to see. The Navi River Journey is neat, but short. We both were glad we had fastpasses. We went back after dark and were able to see the lights, which are neat but the mountains are not very lit up, making them harder to see at night. In darker areas, where the blacklights were really working, it was facinating but these areas were much smaller than I imagined. 


  • gift shop is neat and really interactive
  • The Navi character in the river journey ride is very well done. 
  • Plants and mountains are impressive day or night.
  • Photopass photos at night are really cool.


  • More Navi characters are needed
  • One more ride/shop/station, etc. would add alot. It just feels like it needs one more thing.
  • The entrace needs a better sign. 

Overall I was underwhelmed because I had read such glowing reviews about the world after dark, the ride and the scenery. I think it is so long ago that I watched the movie that I did not remember enough to really get excited independantly of the reviews and hype. It is great to see the work that when into making a new world, but I just would rather see the tiger or other animals in the park.


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