The Gift of Motherhood

I have heard many times that motherhood is a gift. It is written on greeting cards and splashed on facebook clickbait articles, and I have shyed away from all that gushiness and fluff. Motherhood has felt unlike anything I’ve ever known, and I am not sure who is giving that kind of gift.

 Yet today while I sat holding Isaac because he was fussy and just wanted to fight sleep, I understood that statement. As he fell asleep in my arms for the third time today, I realized that being a mother is a perk of being human.

So many species produce offspring that fall from their branches or drift off to make a life of their own, carrying genetics and evolutionary lineage but not connection. Humans get to be moms and dads. I like to imagine that other species also get some kind of connection, and scientists have found that some animals do, but humans carry that connection and communication for years beyond maturity. 

I have read alot of articles about being a parent and a mother. It is such an interesting shift in identity, not only do you have the responsibility of caring for a child, you are transformed into a new version of yourself. Like unlocking a new level on the game of life. 

I am glad for this gift even on the hard days because being a mother means that I have given someone else life, and life is a gift that keeps giving. 


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