Company Review: ZNO

I have been using Shutterfly for years in order to make photo books, but I am tired of their fake promo codes (Free Book *pay 15 dollars shipping) and I also want a service that will imput text and pictures from instagram and facebook. 

I found ZNO through an instagram add and the price was right for me to try it. I decided to order the little timeline book.

 Honestly their app was super easy to use and had me almost convinced to buy all 10 books of every instagram post I’ve ever made, but I am too cheap for that. 

I settled on the two most recent books because I wanted photos of this past year. It was very easy to remove photos and posts that I did not want in the book and it would automatically adjust. The book was automatically in chronological order. I spent alot of time making sure that the text went with the photos because if the text was too long, it pushed to the next page. So while it is 100 pages, that does not necessarily mean 100 photos. This was fine with me because I wanted the text. 

I ordered 2 books, volume 6 and 7. It does not process books with less than 100 pages. Once I ordered it gave me a ten day shipping estimate and the books arrived today! 

First glance, the books were great! Well bound and strudy. The cover picture, which is customizeable, printed really well. 

Inside the printing was great, and the glossy pages turned out really well. I was too excited by the pictures that I did not notice at first that the text was missing on alot of pages. 

Each of these longer text pages did not print. Overall the books are great, and I think this is a mistake. I emailed custormer service and I will update with the response. 

Overall a good product and service just not exactly right. 



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