2 months

I have not been more aware of the motion of life than I have been during these two months since Isaac. Days can be slow and dragging and then a week jumps away. An hour can crawl and minutes take forever and then your baby is two months old and you are still dealing with the joys of a newfound postpartum body. 

I had an easy recovery, textbook c-section with absolutely no complications, so much so that my mom and my doctor had to remind me multiple times that I had just had major surgery. Isaac has grown and learned so many things, yet two months later and my body is still figuring this out: Hormones are not quite sure what to do, random things I thought were weird pregnancy quirks have decided to stay and I still wake up like I have to pee 10 times a night. Google is my friend daily as I search the last 10+ years of pregnancy and new mom forums to make sure that some where, someone had a slightly similar senario happen so that I can justify things as normal. (For the record normal does not exist, it is a mean of all possible human experiance where anything goes) 

I am hoping with some dedication to eating well and running, some of me, mainly the fat parts, will decide to no longer accompany on this journey. For now, eating out multiple times a week is helping all of me, plus some extra, stick around.

Two months in and Isaac is a happy, bright smiling baby boy and I am forcing myself into two-sizes to small pre-pregnancy jeans, mostly with a smile. I could say something cliche like “I can’t wait to see what the next two months bring” but I will live them in a fast/slow juanty-ness of time and that is enough change in daily time speed for me.


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